Ohio 529s

If you are an Ohio resident and plan on sending your children to college, you have the opportunity to benefit from some of the most valuable 529 state tax benefits available anywhere in the US.  We will assist you with executing a designed process to maximize your state tax deductions and, over time, recoup up to 3.5% of your college costs via state benefits.

- This process will work whether your children attend an Ohio college or one outside the state.

- It is a pretty simple process but taking advantage of the full benefits state lawmakers have given you requires minding the details and keeping track of the results over several years.  We will support you and allow you to receive all the benefits.

- 529s can be used for private school K-12 tuition, undergraduate and graduate programs, and student loan repayments.  (Subject to applicable dollar limits.)  Our process can help you save money on all of these expenses.

- We will also provide investment advice within the 529 Plans to make sure you invest appropriately for your time horizon and risk tolerance and take advantage of the lowest management fees possible.

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