About Us

I’m Julian Treves of Creative Financial Designs.  I have been working in finance for decades and have the experience and knowledge to help you plan for your future, with an emphasis on tax efficiency and low-fee investing using modern financial products.  

My current priorities:

College Funding: Understanding the landscape of college enrollment and pricing is key as your child progresses with their college search.  Tie that landscape back to the college search so you can set a budget and stick to it.  

Small business 401k: Maximize your retirement savings using small business or solo 401ks.  The new SECURE Act will in many cases make establishing a new 401k very economical.  Gain additional saving capacity using Mega Backdoor Roth or Profit Sharing where possible.

Efficiently using your savings in retirement: Retired and relying on your savings and pensions to live out your golden retirement years?  Saving and investing is always prioritized in retirement planning, but the sequencing of withdrawals from different tax-advantaged accounts is one of the key - and less-discussed - ways to increase your financial capacity.  Come talk to us about the potential here.  

Please reach out and schedule a free introductory session.  We can talk about what's on your mind, whether it's educational funding, retirement, improving the efficiency of your portfolio or anything else related to your personal finances.

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I live near Philadelphia but work with clients from across the country.  I'm married with two teenage children and enjoy music, dog walking and sports involving eleven people per side.  

MBA (Finance), series 63, 65, Fiduciary